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Bâton Rouge Leverages Guest Marketing Tools in Libro Platform to Boost Reservations by 30%

Like many casual dining restaurants, Bâton Rouge encountered several challenges with reservation and marketing campaign providers. Initially, the grillhouse franchisee opted for OpenTable, but they found it expensive and lacking in transparency in terms of access to customer data. The decision to switch to TouchBistro Reservations led to weak integrations, system bugs, and limited ongoing product development. Bâton Rouge required a reservation system that addressed their challenges and aligned with their operational preferences, so they turned to Libro.

“Libro has been a reliable partner that significantly improved our operations. By simplifying reservation management and running successful guest marketing campaigns, Libro has become an essential asset for us.”

Richard Robitaille • Director of Operations of Group D

Impact of Libro Reservation System
With its technology innovation, straightforward pricing model, adaptability, and personalized customer support, Libro significantly simplified reservation management for Bâton Rouge – Ste Foy. While Libro’s seamless integration to the restaurants’ Maitre’D POS system streamlined operations,  the user-friendly interface with touch screen functionalities facilitated quick and successful employee training. Even better, the platform’s advanced wait list management features reduced the need for multiple hostesses.

Guest Marketing Success Made Easy
In addition to reservations, waitlist, and table management, the Libro platform provided Bâton Rouge with an effective turnkey marketing tool. Libro’s Guest Marketing Module successfully executed two notable holiday campaigns, generating quantifiable results with a 40% open rate, higher than previous tools they used, like Mailchimp. By eliminating the need for external marketing software and offering drag-and-drop features to create targeted email campaigns quickly and efficiently, the restaurant yielded a 30% increase in new reservations.

Reducing “No-Shows” with Libro
Aided by Libro’s seamless integrations with Google and, the transition to Libro resulted in increased foot traffic and fewer “no-shows.” By requesting a credit card at the time of reservation and sending confirmation reminders to guests via SMS, Bâton Rouge has the tools and insight to ensure accurate headcounts and coordinate staff for every shift to support guest volume.

Overall, Bâton Rouge’s journey with Libro addressed critical challenges and improved operational efficiency. A partnership with Libro not only improved reservations, traffic, and marketing processes but also positively impacted the guest experience.

About Bâton Rouge 
Named after the glowing wooden logs used to fire up the original ovens, Bâton Rouge was launched in Montreal in 1992. Today, 24 Bâton Rouge franchises serve guests throughout Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. For more information or to make a reservation, visit