Boston Pizza Maximizes Seating and Experiences Uptick in Reservations using Libro

When the Saint-Georges location of Boston Pizza decided to retire its paper-based reservation book for a software system, they turned to Libro. With the help of Libro’s expert team and proven technology, the casual dining restaurant minimized time-consuming tasks, maximized seating during peak hours, and experienced an uptick in reservations.

“The Libro platform truly simplified daily operations for me,” says Louis Larochelle, franchise owner of Boston Pizza. “Setting up the floorplan for each shift based on reservations was so time-consuming, and now it’s quick and easy.”

“Libro was a smart business decision. The platform is well-built, easy to learn, and looks great visually.”

Louis Larochelle • Franchise Owner of Boston Pizza

According to Vasquez, the walk-in management tools within Libro are a staff favorite. They can quickly see and communicate wait times and utilize SMS to notify guests when their table is ready. The team also appreciates the automated table assignment feature, which is instrumental for maximizing space in each dining room. Even better, Libro enables Vasquez’s marketing team to sync a reservation list with a customer mailing list to communicate with diners and keep them engaged.  

In addition to tracking reservations, Libro enables Vasquez to access and analyze a variety of weekly reports about average wait times and cancelations. With a single login, Vasquez can view pertinent metrics for all his restaurant properties, and utilize historical data to forecast sales and labor more accurately.

Boston Pizza Restaurant Building

About Boston Pizza
Boston Pizza is a Canadian company with hundreds of local franchise owners operating more dining rooms, sports bars, and patios than any other single brand in the country.  Boston Pizza has served communities from coast to coast for over 56 years and is Canada’s number-one casual dining brand. For more information or to make a reservation, visit