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Industry Veteran Trusts Libro to Manage Reservations at Multiple Restaurants

After you’ve been in the restaurant business long enough, it becomes clear that not all reservation platforms are created equal. When industry veteran Fidel Vasquez and his partners at Barranco Partners Inc. launched Barranco in 2021 and then Nikkei a year later, both Peruvian-inspired restaurants adopted the Libro platform. 

“I discovered the ease and simplicity of Libro when I was the general manager at India Rosa, and I knew the system would play a key role in my future ventures,” says Fidel Vasquez, co-owner of Barranco and Nikkei. “In fact, Libro will be implemented at a new Mexican concept we’re opening later this year and again when we execute our upcoming expansion into Laval.”

“Libro is a timesaver for the staff and key to managing the flow of guests effectively. Staff turnover is common in this business so it’s a huge plus that training a new hire to use Libro is user-friendly and straightforward.”

Fidel Vasquez • Co-owner of Barranco and Nikkei

According to Vasquez, the walk-in management tools within Libro are a staff favorite. They can quickly see and communicate wait times and utilize SMS to notify guests when their table is ready. The team also appreciates the automated table assignment feature, which is instrumental for maximizing space in each dining room. Even better, Libro enables Vasquez’s marketing team to sync a reservation list with a customer mailing list to communicate with diners and keep them engaged.  

In addition to tracking reservations, Libro enables Vasquez to access and analyze a variety of weekly reports about average wait times and cancelations. With a single login, Vasquez can view pertinent metrics for all his restaurant properties, and utilize historical data to forecast sales and labor more accurately.

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About Barranco 
Barranco, named in honor of the most beautiful district in Lima, Peru, opened its doors in 2021. Located in Montreal, Barranco offers Peruvian flavors and classic dishes in a warm and inviting dining room. For more information or to make a reservation, visit

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About Nikkei
In 2022, Nikkei debuted a fusion of Peruvian ingredients and traditional Japanese techniques to Montreal diners. A menu of innovative tapas prepared with quality ingredients is expertly plated for a superb presentation. For more information or to make a reservation, visit