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Libro Helps Toujours Mikes Obtain Double Digit Dining Room Reservations

Toujours Mikes was tired of fielding phone calls and tracking table reservations in a paper book. It was time for the restaurant to embrace new processes and professional technology to personalize the dining experience and keep guests coming back for more. After selecting and relying on Libro for four years, the restaurant accumulated a digital database of 10,000 customers and experienced a 10% increase in reservations.

“Libro helped us standardize the reservation process and the type of information we collect from guests,” says Richard Myrand, Owner of Toujours Mikes Ancienne-Lorette and Toujours Mikes Charlesbourg. “More customers want to make reservations online, which can now be done easily and in real-time, even when the restaurant is closed, or we are short-staffed.”

“I’m glad I listened to my fellow restauranteurs who recommended Libro to me. Libro’s automated features are valuable timesavers and have exceeded expectations.”

Richard Myrand • Owner of Toujours Mikes Ancienne-Lorette and Toujours Mikes Charlesbourg

With Libro in its corner, Toujours Mikes gained the ability to add a “reserve now” button across multiple online platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. According to Myrand, this strongly contributed to an influx of reservations and new customers, especially during popular holidays.

“Before Libro, there were hardly any advanced reservations and now we average 200 bookings a month,” says Myrand.  “The system visually helps us manage the dining room and optimize our space to full capacity. During peak service hours, the automated table assignments are so helpful to the staff.”

The team at Toujours Mikes also utilizes Libro’s two-way SMS capabilities to communicate with guests, reconfirm reservations, and reduce no-shows.  In addition, they rely on the Libro platform to automatically send surveys to guests after their dining experience to keep a pulse on customer feedback and satisfaction.

Moving forward, Toujours Mikes plans to utilize the Libro platform to execute more customer engagement efforts such as email campaigns and marketing promotions. Myrand is also looking forward to implementing a reputation marketing strategy to gather and share more customer reviews.

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About Toujours Mikes
Since 1967, Toujours Mikes has been an integral part of Quebeckers’ daily lives. The restaurant franchise operates more than 70 locations and is known for its hot submarines, pizzas, pasta dishes, breakfast, and original Duettos. To learn more or make a reservation, visit