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The Switch to Libro’s Easy-to-Learn Reservation System Benefits Gilly’s Snug Harbour Restaurant

Gilly’s Snug Harbour Restaurant on Georgian Bay wanted to kick off its summer season with a new reservation system. In the weeks leading up to their busiest season, Gilly’s implemented Libro’s table management software and had the entire staff trained in no time.

“We went through the system training once and the staff picked it up really quickly,” says Mitchell Lane, General Operations Manager at Gilly’s. “Libro is more intuitive and user-friendly compared to other reservation systems, so it was easy to learn and use. The staff really likes it.”   

“When most of the activity during service revolves around walk-ins, we have to be able to add and close out those guests easily. This was a cumbersome task with our previous system, but Libro makes it so easy. It’s one of the biggest benefits for us.”

Mitchell Lane, General Operations Manager at Gilly’s

With the summer season quickly approaching, Gilly’s was thrilled that the reservation system did not require a lot of training time or extra explanation. The training materials Libro provided were straightforward and streamlined just like the system itself. Even better, Libro made accommodating walk-in customers much easier for Gilly’s. 

Lane noted that Libro’s color-coded table management system has also helped the staff quickly identify different sections to maximize the 160-seat dining room. The decision to switch to a more cost-efficient reservation system like Libro even saved the seasonal restaurant money.

“Switching technology can be complicated, but Libro made it easy and affordable with its quick-to-learn, user-friendly solution,” added Lane.

About Gilly’s Snug Harbour Restaurant 

With one of the world’s best views of Georgian Bay, Gilly’s Snug Harbour Restaurant is a Carling, Ontario, staple. The casual family restaurant focuses on seasonal local ingredients to serve its famous fish and chips, garden-fresh salads, and incredible desserts. To learn more or make a reservation, visit