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Sogno Group Leverages Libro to Optimize Customer Service and Elevate the Dining Experience

Sogno Group operates a family of restaurant brands spanning multiple concepts, including fine dining at Le Clan, traditional Quebec fare at La Bûche, Italian cuisine at Bello, and vegan dishes at Don. Despite the individuality of each establishment, Sogno Group credits Libro for the five-star service they collectively provide to the 1,000 reservations booked monthly at each restaurant. 

“Years ago, we left Bookenda for Libro. That singular decision has allowed us to structure daily operations and maximize space so we can stay focused on customer service,” says Yanick Parent, co-owner of Sogno Group. “Libro gave us the tools to optimize our staff and productivity,” adds co-owner Pierre-Olivier Gingras. “We can wow guests with a level of service only the Sogno Group can provide.”

“Dining out is an experience that starts the minute you book a table, and Libro provides an elite level of guest communication and engagement tools. Email and two-way SMS have allowed us to provide VIP service and establish a sense of excitement and anticipation before guests even arrive.”

Yanick Parent • Co-Owner of Sogno Group

According to Parent and Gingras, using Libro to automate and confirm reservations across multiple online platforms proved simple and advantageous. Sogno Group accepts reservations day or night through Google, Facebook, Instagram, and restaurant guides like RestoQuebec. Even better, the Libro platform automatically sends guests a confirmation reminder 24 hours before the reservation. 

“Automated confirmations and reminders have minimized no-shows and enabled our managers to staff the front and back of house more accurately,” says Gingras. “Overall, our no-shows have decreased from 20% to almost zero. The staff focuses on service rather than spending hours confirming reservations over the phone.”

Unlike many other online reservation systems, Libro enables Sogno Group to keep all the data guests share during the booking process. Managers have accumulated a database outlining guests’ visit frequency, no-show status, dollars spent, birthdays, and allergies. This level of knowledge allows the staff to know and anticipate the individual needs of every guest at each restaurant.

“Libro includes many built-in customer engagement functions that are easy to use. The system is part of daily life, and the staff simply can’t live without it,” says Parent. 

According to the co-owners, Sogno Group’s long-term partnership with the Libro team has led to a close, trusting relationship with impeccable support. Parent and Gingras agree that Libro is responsive, detail-oriented, and always helpful. 

“Libro takes care of our family of restaurants so we can concentrate on the families who dine with us,” says Gingras.

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