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5 Ways to Personalize the Guest Experience at Your Restaurant

Restaurants of all sizes strive to provide a positive dining experience for their guests. The 21st-century diner, however, prefers to be treated as an individual, not just another hungry customer. Thankfully, technology has advanced, and restaurateurs have access to the digital tools needed to deliver attentive service and generate a personalized five-star experience.

The Powerful Benefits of Personalization
Restaurants with a better understanding of their customers can increase loyalty, visit frequency, and positive online reviews. Even better, you will leave a lasting impression and stand apart from the competition. 

Here are five strategies to tailor the dining experience and make every guest feel like a VIP:

Use Data to Create a Personal Relationship 
Creating (and maintaining) a personal relationship with diners starts with data. Data provides insight into the specific needs of each individual customer, including allergies, favorite beverages, or a preferred seating area. With this insider knowledge, you can tailor each dining experience and make guests feel valued and appreciated. 

Segment and Send Customized Communications
Restaurant operators are retiring generic, one-size-fits-all communications in favor of customization. Industry-wide tech innovations enable restauranteurs to segment guest data and personalize messaging with relevant offers. Plus, implementing a consistent email communication strategy using drip campaigns that are fully branded and customized has a higher conversion rate. 

Add Speed and Convenience
Enhanced guest satisfaction often stems from convenience. Give diners the ability to visit your restaurant’s website and join the waitlist from anywhere. Guests can opt-in to receive automated, real-time SMS messages confirming wait times, place in line, and when their table is ready. 

Automate and Personalize Guest Surveys
You can’t elevate the guest experience without gathering feedback. You can increase the chances of receiving a response by using automation to distribute guest surveys immediately following a meal. A survey tool that enables you to customize questions is a big plus. 

Connect Google Reviews to a Guest Profile  
If you want to optimize insights and increase your guest knowledge, match a public or private review made on Google to a guest profile. Having a record of the guest experience enables you to replicate service or correct mistakes during a future visit.


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