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How First-Party Ordering Solutions are Redefining the Restaurant Industry

With increasing competition and thinning profit margins, restaurateurs have been searching for innovative ways to thrive in the digital ordering landscape. Due to high-priced enterprise tech and commission fees from third-party apps like SkipTheDishes, restaurant operators have been more open to choosing a first-party online ordering solution. 

Why? In addition to lowering costs and retaining your customer data, first-party online ordering solutions empower restaurants to:

  • Leverage online ordering via Google. More and more diners turn to Google to find a restaurant and place a food order. That means online visibility is vital for your brand. With Google, your restaurant’s website featuring online ordering has higher visibility, appearing as a priority option over third-party platforms. 
  • Break free from third-party dependence. High commission fees levied by third-party apps are an ongoing complaint from restaurant operators. That singular pain point can vanish with a first-party ordering solution. According to Deloitte, 40% of customers prefer to order directly through a restaurant’s website, compared to 13% who prefer third-party apps. 
  • Control the delivery experience. You don’t have to hire delivery drivers with a third-party app, but there are fees, and they keep your customer data. A white-label delivery management software system puts you in control of the entire delivery process, which better manages costs and quality of service. Even better, a hybrid delivery model enables restaurateurs to execute self-delivery and switch to third-party delivery during peak times. 

In today’s digital era, it’s critical to find restaurant technology that supports your needs — without taking 30% of your business margins. The proprietary online ordering and delivery network by Active Menus offers a seamless digital ordering experience that simultaneously increases restaurant profit margins and customer loyalty. 


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