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How Libro and Pivot Joined Forces to Change the World of Foodservice

Imagine having all the data you need to run your restaurant at your fingertips – everything is at the click of a button. This is precisely what Pivot, a new Québec-based scheduling application, is achieving among a renowned restaurant clientele, including Zibo!St-HubertRandolphPoulet Rouge, and Second Cup, to name a few.

Its features?

  • Cost management and payroll integration 
  • Automated schedule management
  • Time clock
  • Team-wide messaging system
  • And now, all your reservation data!

Thanks to the Libro and Pivot alliance, restaurateurs now have direct, real-time access to all their customer reservation data. Groupe Zibo!, a Québec restaurant franchise offering authentic cuisine and a trendy vibe, has tried it out. Catherine Cantin, the Regional Director of Operations at Groupe Zibo! and pictured on the right in the photo above, implemented Pivot in all her establishments.

What immediately charmed her about integrating Libro with the Pivot platform? All you have to do is click on the Pivot application. No need to open another website or platform. Everything is in one place so you can say goodbye to your overloaded tab bar.

Ms. Cantin noticed that managing her employee schedules was being completely reinvented by the innovative Libro and Pivot partnership. Directly on the Pivot interface, you can add a waiter, a cook, and accept two or three requests for time off, depending on projected traffic. It’s no surprise that productivity is boosted by 50% when users have access to such user-friendly tools.

In short, “the Libro platform is a must for taking reservations,” says Ms. Cantin. The Groupe Zibo! regional director greatly appreciates Libro’s integration to everything a restaurateur needs: website, Google, Maitre D, and now Pivot. “Libro is the platform we’ve adopted, and it works!”

Statistics speak for themselves: 85% prefer a “one-click” interface, and that is precisely what Pivot delivers. Pivot and Libro break restaurant management down to its simplest form and the winning recipe consists of the following key ingredients:

1. A user-friendly interface accessible via desktop or mobile app
2. Partnerships of choice

It was clear that Libro was THE missing puzzle piece to complete the Pivot platform. Hand in hand, these two innovation-driven companies have every intention of revolutionizing the foodservice industry in Québec. To learn more about Pivot, visit:

Photo caption: 
Left: Yannick Farmer, Co-founder and President of Pivot
Right: Catherine Cantin, Regional Director of Operations, Groupe Zibo!


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