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How to Generate Reservations with Your Missed Calls

Did you know that over 40% of restaurant bookings are made over the phone? This means that every missed call could represent a missed sales opportunity. In this article, we will look at how you can generate bookings by effectively managing your missed calls.

How many calls are you missing? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you could be leaving more money on the table than you think. Statistics show that customers who call and can’t get through are more likely to book elsewhere. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of the number of missed calls and put measures in place to address them.

Do you have an effective telephone menu when you are closed? If not, this will harm the customer experience and you will lose bookings. First and foremost, your telephone menu should be activated as soon as the call is received, so that the customer who doesn’t get an answer doesn’t have to wait several rings to be directed to your voicemail. By improving the phone experience when you are closed and encouraging these calls to book online, you can recover more bookings than you think!

Do you use a voicemail system? If so, did you know that less than 10% of the calls you miss will leave you a voicemail? What do you think they do when you don’t answer? They call elsewhere! From now on, you can replace voicemail with an automatic SMS response system to offer options to your customers, such as the ability to book online or ask a question by SMS.

Do you have a dedicated person for answering calls? If the answer is no, your table service staff may end up answering calls and missing service opportunities in the restaurant. Call management can also take time and distract your staff from their main work.

How to maximize your online booking platform? By using a platform that allows you to communicate by SMS with the calls you miss, you can increase your bookings by redirecting these calls to your online booking platform. This also allows you to offer a better experience to your customers when you can’t answer.

How Talksoon helped Jatoba restaurant
Thanks to its SMS response solution for missed calls, Talksoon helped Jatoba restaurant to no longer miss calls and generate more bookings. When a call is missed, the Talksoon solution automatically sends an SMS to offer an online reservation. If the customer has a question, they can also ask it by SMS, which facilitates communication with Jatoba.

Talksoon has allowed us to generate hundreds of reservations while freeing up our staff to provide better service at the tables to our restaurant customers. We are extremely satisfied with the improvements proposed by Talksoon.” – Guillaume, Jatoba’s manager

By choosing Talksoon, restaurants can therefore ensure that they never miss calls again and can offer their customers an easy and efficient booking experience.


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