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Guest Marketing Strategies to Boost Traffic For Patio Season

Over the past six months, consumers have experienced higher prices on just about every product and service, including menu prices at their favorite restaurants. As a result, traffic across many casual and full-service dining establishments declined. Spirited restaurateurs are looking forward to the warmer months boosting foot traffic.

In preparation for summer, let’s explore four high-impact guest marketing strategies to cure those winter weather traffic woes.

  • Re-engineer your menu. Emphasize value deals that reflect the season, and don’t overlook the kid’s menu. In anticipation of your menu update, keep guests informed (and excited) by sharing posts on social media and sending countdown messages via email and SMS. Including a reservation link via SMS guarantees immediate delivery and high open rates.

  • Promote outdoor seating. Dining alfresco provides a whole new experience. Enable guests to indicate terrace seating when they make an online reservation to anticipate front-of-the-house staffing needs. Remember to update your website and Google Business profile with enticing terrace images and your protocol for pets.

  • Add music to the atmosphere. Whether you choose a live musician, DJ, or jukebox, music creates a memorable atmosphere, enhances the customer experience, and may increase sales by 9%. Promoting musical entertainment across your website, monthly newsletter, and weekly email campaigns gives diners a new reason to visit, book a table, and share a positive review.

  • Include tableside entertainment. Keep guests entertained before, during, and after meals with old-school board games, playing cards, or trivia. Guests may stay longer, increasing the probability of higher average check totals. This strategy lets your restaurant target, segment, and send marketing campaigns with personalized customer offers.

Managing a kitchen and employees and planning a seasonal marketing campaign is time-consuming, especially when using a handful of restaurant technology tools that don’t work together. After all, resources are limited, and margins are thin.

Restaurants relying on Libro effectively promote entertainment, share menu updates, and send review requests with a single, straightforward solution. The Libro platform includes online reservations, table management, and guest marketing via email and SMS, along with reputation management tools like guest surveys and private/public Google reviews.

Let Libro help you prepare for rising temperatures and groups dining out to celebrate Father’s Day, graduations, weddings, and reunions. The Libro Guest Experience platform is a turn-key solution with quick training and an affordable monthly subscription you can cancel anytime. 


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