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SMS Marketing Tips & Strategies for Restaurants

For restaurants, reaching diners via SMS messaging is immediate, direct, and generates a high engagement rate. That’s right, 98% of texts are opened and 60% of texts are read in one to five minutes after delivery.  

Why SMS Marketing is Effective
SMS marketing campaigns give restaurateurs the power and convenience of speed. SMS messages are short and to the point, making them quick and easy to read. SMS messages are also delivered directly to the consumer’s phone, making them difficult to ignore. Lastly, text messages often contain exclusive offers or time-sensitive information, which creates a sense of urgency to open the message. 

SMS Marketing Strategies to Try
Texting can be used to communicate weekly restaurant promotions, happy hour specials, and loyalty program perks. Plug the right event to the right audience and you will start building stronger relationships with your regulars – and fill more tables. Here are a few strategies that can be branded and personalized to create an effective SMS marketing campaign: 

  • Entertainment and events
  • Drink specials
  • Seasonal activities
  • New menu offerings
  • Deals and discounts
  • Reservation reminders
  • Satisfaction survey and feedback

Using SMS for Guest Surveys
If you’re not asking guests to take a survey about their dining experience via an SMS campaign, you should.  Not only will you gauge customer satisfaction, but you will also gain a better understanding of where operational improvements can be made. Plus, sending short guest satisfaction surveys by text can increase response rates and make it easier to gain more reviews

Tips and Tools for SMS Marketing
When choosing an SMS marketing platform ensure the features fit your business needs. With features like two-way SMS and reporting capabilities, Libro’s Guest Engagement platform is an easy-to-use solution for any sized restaurant. Restaurant operators can brand and personalize SMS marketing messages, automate guest surveys, and use SMS to send customized reminders. A robust suite of email marketing features and reservation and table management tools are also included to help reduce wait times, boost traffic, and elevate service. It’s all nicely bundled in one solution to simplify guest marketing and management.

SMS Marketing Key Benefits 
In summary, adopting SMS marketing means your restaurant can: 

  • Ensure communications are read.  SMS messages have a high open rate.
  • Delivery timely messages.  Precisely timed texts lead to higher conversions. 
  • Boost customer engagement.  Engage with customers in real-time and stand out from competitors. 
  • Reduce no-shows. Reservation reminders by text help minimize no-shows. 
  • Implement a cost-effective marketing strategy. It costs a few cents to send and receive business texts. 


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